Vase Hire

As well as creating the flowers for your event, we also have a selection of vases and containers available to hire. Please see below a list of the vases we currently have available, as well as quantity and price. If you can't see what you are looking for, please do ask, as we are continuously updating our selection and are often happy to source a new range depending on style and quantity. Please call 01280 701800 to enquire.

Vase/arrangement type

Quantity available off the shelf

Hire price of vase without flowers (each)

Glass globe vase – various sizes available 

50 total

£1 - £3

Glass cube vase – small medium and large available

80 available

£2 - £5

Mirror cube vase – small and medium available

15 available

£2 - £3

Plastic cube vase small - green



Tall cylinder vase

50 available


Plastic cube vase medium - black green or white



Slim podium lily vase

15 available


Wide taper lily vase

20 available


Mirror plates

10 available


Pedestal stands

8 available